Why a Challenge?

Austin has some of the quirkiest, neatest, most-inventive makers around!  We want to challenge Austin’s artist, makers, and do-ers to upcycle what they find at the end-of-the-line at Austin Goodwill and make something beautifully useful or usefully beautiful out of what they find!  Are you ready for it?  I Dare You!

2 thoughts on “Why a Challenge?

  1. Hey I have a question. Are there any amenities on Saturday? Like cold water, restrooms? Should we bring all our own water and snacks? Creatives need creative juice!

    • Anne Marie,
      Whole Foods is supplying water, flavored water and small snacks. If you have specific snacks- go ahead and bring them. Goodwill will have restrooms available as well. Thanks! Blythe

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