Do you have mad maker skills?  Think you can upcycle anything? The Austin Upcycle Challenge dares you to upcycle material at the Austin Goodwill Outlet store.  On Saturday June 15th from 9 am to 2pm, you will have your chance to upcycle items at the end-of-line bins at Goodwill.

The challenge is to take the material that comes in the blue bins at Austin Goodwill Outlet store (the material at the end-of-the-line) and create something beautiful and useful from what you find among the detritus.  The upcycled item you make should be comprised of 80% of the material from the blue bins. You can either enter as an individual artist or as a small team.  Points will be given for creativity, beauty and usefulness of the resulting upcycled item.

Please bring your own tools. If you need electricity/battery power – make sure your tools are “juiced up” before starting.  There will be no electric outlets available.

Material that will be onsite to use as binding: pipe cleaners, brads, toothpicks, paper clips, twist-ties – or bring your own!

The challenge will start at 9 am and the judging will take place at 1:30 pm.  Take the challenge – we dare you!

Prizes will be for the most decorative upcycle, the most useful, and the most innovative. There will be prizes for individual artists and for small teams.

Use this form to sign-up early or you can sign up the day of the event June 15th.  Just be ready to use your  creativity!

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